Growing up in poverty, Doug experienced nearly every emotion one can have. He lived a life of destruction but was miraculously saved out of it in 1967. It came about because of the persistent witness of a precious old saint in her 80s who was willing to put up with a filthy biker's mouth for eight months. 

    Then tragedy struck. After having moved to Toccoa Falls Bible College in Georgia, Doug and his family survived the Toccoa Falls dam break, losing their two-year-old daughter. Soon afterward, his family disintegrated, and Doug faced a thirteen and a half to a twenty-seven-year sentence for kidnapping his own children out of a broken home.
     God has intervened in an incredible way in the life of Doug Veer. Today, he is "FREE" because of the saving grace of Jesus Christ! He shares his story and truly carries a burden for the lost.  He has a genuine love for his fellow man, and his heart not only burns for those in physical prisons, but for those bound in prisons of sin.
    Doug Veer Ministries was founded in 1990 to reach out to inmates, their families and beyond. Doug has also been called to the ministry of evangelism and counseling. Doug and his wife, Kathy, live in the greater Augusta area of Georgia.

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