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   This Week...           THE DUCK COMMANDER'S SONS PART III         9/24/18
                                             Jep & Reed Robertson
       Phil and Kay Robertson raised four good boys but not without challenges. One of their sons, Jep, sort of went off the tracks for awhile. During his senior year in high school, Jep got in with the basketball crowd and because of drugs and alcohol, he began losing control. He was trying to hide it all from his parents, but his brother, Willy, discovered his chicanery and told his folks. Soon there was a family intervention.
       Jep found himself at his dad’s house, eight o’clock one morning. He walked into the living room and everybody was there, all looking at him. Phil said, “Son, are you ready to change? I just want you to know that we’ve come to a decision as a family. And it’s either gonna be, you are gonna join us, [and] follow God, or you’re gonna go on your own and . . . good luck to you in this world . . . So there’s your two choices.”
       Jep fell down on his knees and started crying and said, “What took y’all so long . . . Dad, I don’t deserve to come back. I’ve been horrible. Let me tell you some more.”
  Phil said, “No, son. You’ve told me enough.”
       Jep said he only saw his dad cry about three times in his life and that was one of them. Through tears of joy, Phil said, “I want you to know that God loves you and we love you, but you just can’t live like that.”
       “I know,” Jep said. “I want to come back home.”
       He and his dad and brothers all got down on their knees and cried and prayed to God. Jep was so done with his lifestyle and was so thankful for this second chance. Like the prodigal son, he said it was one of the best days of his life. But there were stipulations. Phil said, “I’m going to put you on house arrest and you can not leave this house for three months and you gotta duck hunt every single day.” Jep gratefully agreed.
       As Duck Dynasty--the reality show--came to the forefront, they had an audience of twelve million people each week. Phil’s youngest son, Reed, developed a rather swelled head over it all. He thought he was really something by his own estimation because of his family’s status. He said he got cynical and looked down on people. His cocky attitude is what chased everyone away; no one wanted anything to do with him anymore. A profound loneliness set in that made him think about suicide.
       Reed’s behavior became entrenched and he couldn’t stop acting the way he did. He finally confessed to his youth Pastor that he wanted to kill himself. He said, “I was going to do it. I really was. But then my parents found out about it; my mom was devastated . . . that sit down with my dad . . . that’s what turned it around . . . [Dad] said, ‘That is the most selfish thing that you can do . . . is leave this world because you can’t take it.’ . . . That really just hit me hard and that’s what turned me around. . . . I think just knowing that I was back on track with Jesus . . . [and] He was O.K. with me coming back to Him. . . . He’s gonna be there and He’s gonna love me just the same because He died for me.” Reed says he finally felt free of all his doubts and negative attitudes; it was such a relief.

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           God’s power has worked through the Robertson family. It started with Miss Kay. She gave her life to Christ, and then Phil and the boys followed suit in spite of struggles along the way. Everything that happened was part of God’s plan. The Lord knew they would receive Jesus and share Him with others. And that’s just what they did.
       They began their enterprise with an improvement on an apparatus known as a “duck call”. In his first year of sales, his brand--The Duck Commander--brought in a meager $8000. His wife thought they would starve to death. But a few years later, in 2013, his sons said he had sold one million duck calls. They had come a long way from their paltry beginnings considering they were just good old folks from Louisiana. And Phil makes no bones about it. He gives all the credit to the Almighty and doesn’t hold back from sharing his journey with the world.


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