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Current Blog...                Powerful Lesson on Faith            9/12/2021 
                                                           Harry Connick Jr

        As individual believers in Christ, we all worship in different ways and we all exist at different levels of faith. But the object of our faith is the same: the Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation.
       Sometimes, situations in life will bring us toward a closer walk with God. Harry Connick Jr. found that closer walk during the last several months as our nation suffered from sickness, lock downs, and isolation due to COVID. He talked about it at length with Guideposts Magazine in a story he wrote for their
publication. Below are some excerpts from that story.
       “Greetings from the Big Easy, the city where I was born and raised (and hope to be visiting as you read this), a city coming back to life after being hit so hard by COVID . . . This virus made us question every-thing. I worried about my family, my city, my country, the whole world . . . As much as I love to work, during the pandemic it was the last thing on my mind. I spent a lot of time thinking about the selfless everyday folks who were making our lives livable--or, more accurately, possible. I even got a chance to thank them personally in a CBS TV special I produced in June 2020.
       “I watched from a distance while New Orleans got hit early, the streets empty, hospitals over
flowing. My wife, Jill, and I and our three girls were at our home in Connecticut--we were among the lucky ones--and stayed there when everything locked down. Everywhere you looked, people were getting sick. Our family lost 14 people—10 due to complications from COVID.
       “At first, I watched the news. New Orleans itself seemed to be dying, along with all the things that make it great. The city had been through this before with Hurricane Katrina. Now here we were again, struggling to understand how we were to survive another catastrophe. I knew we would, but the
devastation was brutal to watch in real time.
       “New Orleans is a city like no other. The way I was brought up, you were aware of people’s different races, cultures and backgrounds--Black, white, Irish, Italian, Jewish--and we celebrated all of them. The differences were good. Like the different ways people made gumbo . . . All of them different, all good.
       “But now people couldn’t even go out. It didn’t matter how good your gumbo was--you and your family were the only ones who were going to eat it. You couldn’t go anywhere. Not even church . . .”
       Harry went on to explain how he spent his days during the lock down. He started writing music in his home studio. And since he couldn’t call in any musicians, he layered and overdubbed all the instrumental and vocal tracks himself. What emerged was a beautiful collection of songs of faith. Some were original and some were traditional standards, loved through many generations.
       “I started to put down tracks, one at a time: piano, drums, vocals. Making a record all by myself . . . Grief giving way to healing--that kind of describes my time in my home studio during the COVID lock down. Sometimes I would start with piano, sometimes with the drums or another instrument. I’d write lyrics. Write down a melody. Just sort of chip away at it. If I had an idea about another song in the
middle of things, I would switch gears and do that. It was completely open-ended. I kept recording until I found what I was looking for. No one else was listening. It was like I was journaling--a musical journal.

MUSIC CD FEATURED: Harry Connick, Jr. readies the release of his newest album,
Alone With My Faith. Performing and tracking the vocals and instruments himself
in his home studio, what started as a creative outlet and an intimate retreat
from the uncertainty of the pandemic, quickly evolved into a vulnerably
healing collection of inspiring music. Across the 13 tracks, he journeys
through the range of human emotions with music that is anchored
in his faith and brimming with universal hope.

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        “This was all about living out my faith, living out the questions. You can’t really cry and sing at the same time, but I found myself bursting into tears--something I’ve never done in a formal recording session . . . At other times, I would stretch out my arms and raise my hands, as if I were there at Calvary 2,000 years ago and had come upon The Old Rugged Cross . . .
       “What did it mean? If I had to reduce this past year to one thing, one lesson, it would be . . . faith. Because in the solitude of the lock down, in the isolation from the people and even the city and the rituals I love, it was all I had to hang on to, note by note, chord by chord. Or in the words of one of those songs I put on the album, Amazing Grace: Through many dangers, toils and snares / I have already come; / ’Tis grace that brought me safe thus far, / And grace will lead me home.”


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